How to make your Kickstarter: Part 2

Thank you for all the positive feedback on my previous blog, it was my first attempt at anything of the sort and the response has given me the confidence to follow it up with a second (so if this one sucks, you may have to take some responsibility!) If you would like to check out the first part of ‘How to make your Kickstarter’ you can find it here.­­ You can also check my Kickstarter campaign which is almost 66% funded here! Media coverage I live in the UK so my experiences will definitely be different from those of you living elsewhere but the basics will be similar I’m sure. Whether it is a local paper, radio station, podcast, or influencer, the nature of the message will be consistent – it needs to be concise, informative and get across why they should take the time out to work with you. Make sure that you have something of substance, whether it is illustrations or, in an ideal world, a physical copy of your book, to send to the people you are approaching. If you want a ‘Mummy Influencer’ on Instagram to really influence people to take time out of their day and check out the Kickstarter, you need them to become emotionally invested in the book, if they love it they will want to share this with their followers. Instead of them advertising the book with a bland ‘Go check out my new favourite book’ caption, they will be more inclined to make a ‘swipe up’ video and link your Kickstarter or make a video review of the book! Post in the relevant groups If you are pushing out engaging content and getting stuck into the author/illustrator community you will find a lot of podcast hosts and various other contacts looking to work with authors with an interesting book and a compelling story. I decided to put posts into Facebook groups dedicated to Kickstarter and got advice from that community which encouraged me to reach out to podcasts which was a great piece of advice. You might not think it but if you ask the right questions in the right places you’ll be surprised with the number of people willing to help out! Preparing for interviews We have all heard that honesty is the best policy and, although I had rarely applied it, doing so for interviews was imperitive because when it came to being put on the spot I answered questions as if I was talking to my friend about a football (soccer) match. I know most of the people that read my first blog are writing/have written books that have a strong message and I also know that the majority of those messages are written into their stories through the emotion and feeling of the author. No matter how big or small the meaning behind the message, that story is paramount to the journey of you and your book. I wrote my story when the influence of social media was having a negative impact on the people I cared about. People wanted to filter every picture of themselves and seek approval from others, disregarding the opinions of those who cared about them for who they truly are. I knew that I wanted to do something to influence my friends and peers at school but throughout your teenage years there is so much going on, there is so much occupying the mind and the last thing a teenager wants is a person in their school year ‘patronising’ them and explaining why they should focus on loving themselves. Now, this may not be true to everybody but I knew that I would have almost felt insulted if someone told me to step back and stop caring what others think because it feels impossible once you’re living it. This is why I wrote It’s Cool To Be Me, to inspire the younger generation to love what it is that makes them, them, and to encourage others to love what makes them unique too. Now I don’t want to bore you by talking about me, me, me but that is an example of why honesty is key. I can passionately regurgitate that information, in more detail if required, when I am under pressure or when the questions are worded a little different from what I am expecting because I am so emotionally invested in the journey and the message of the book, purely because I lived it. Every indie-author seriously considering publishing a book will more than likely have a similar enthusiasm and if you can ooze with zeal, that's what makes listeners/readers/viewers want to know more! Check out my Kickstarter campaign here! I am heading into the 3rd week of the Kickstarter this week and I am nearly 66% funded! Please check out the campaign and support the project by sharing my posts! I hope you enjoyed part 2.