It's Cool To Be Me is an adventure story for 3-8 year olds which follows a boy on his quest for self acceptance.

It is a fun, fluent story with creative rhymes and stimulating artwork. The pages are jam-packed with messages and ideas which I hope that both you and your loved ones can explore together and connect over!


With the help from a Genie and some more friends along the way, can the boy learn that loving himself is more important than seeking the approval of others?

Find out if their clever idea will help the boy see the bigger picture and boost his selfie-steem!

About The Book

The Illustrators

I contacted Bright Jungle Studios in December after checking out their portfolio and loving their style of artwork. Once we began our collaboration in January, I started to see my visions come to life which was an amazing feeling. 

All together there are 22 pages worth of inspiring, funny and creative illustrations bursting with colour which you will love just as much as the kids! 

I wrote this book to teach children to embrace their differences and love the person they are.


What started out as a school assignment evolved into a project of passion and I am determined to use my words and the fantastic illustrations to inspire as many young people possible!

If, like me, you have lots of young relatives, or you are a parent yourself, you will be familiar with the worries children face every day.


Whether it is making friends or dealing with bullies, it’s important that we promote positivity in the content we use to entertain and educate.

First concepts